The SCAN II Project is developed upon the results of the SCAN project and aims at better enforcement of the European Small Claims Procedure (ESCP) judgments through creating a Roadmap of the 26 EU Member States’ (MSs) enforcement rules on the hand, and simplification and digitalization of the enforcement procedures on the other. As regards the first objective, the existing lack of harmonization of enforcement rules of MSs signifies a major weakness of the cross-enforcement of the ESCP judgments, making it difficult for consumers (as the end-users) and lawyers and bailiffs (as the operators) to be aware of the existence and practical functioning of different EU enforcement rules. With respect to simplifying and digitalizing the ESCP enforcement procedures – based on a needs assessment approach and the importance of establishing a fully tech-driven mechanism for promoting citizens’ access to justice – the SCAN II Project develops an IT platform and a Blockchain System to fill the existing gap in the ESCP enforcement across the Union. Embracing a combination of theoretical and practical driven approach, a Consortium of experts in international civil procedural law/ private law and information technology will work in close joint-collaboration to: a) pursue clarity in analyzing the existing enforcement rules by creating a Roadmap for these rules; b) establish an IT platform providing effective guidance on the EU enforcement rules concerning the ESCP judgments; and c) develop a Blockchain System for promoting the enforcement procedures. The SCAN II Project Consortium will significantly contribute to validate the final project outcomes in a comprehensive Roadmap of all 26 MSs, and a Comparative and Analytical Study of Best Practices on the enforcement rules of ESCP judgments. The project will involve over 100 lawyers, 100 bailiffs, 26 consumer associations, 5 policymakers, and 1500 EU consumers across the Union.